Group Programs and Discounts


We are a small resort but we have a lot of love to give. Some of our groups keep coming back for years to spread love and help out as much as they can, and that is our greatest pleasure to have them back every year.

Our mission in Belize has always been to help the people and give as much as we can to the community.We have hosted a variety of groups in the past and we loved it. Church groups, missionary groups, dentists, learning groups and even big family reunions. Therefore, we have created two “dorm rooms” with bunk or double beds to potentially sleep up to 8 people in each. Trying to make our guests as comfortable possible our dorms have their own AC unit, bath with three showers, toilets, sink areas and even a urinal…in the men’s dorm of course.  

This option would prove ideal for backpackers or those who travel light and who want the bare essentials in their room but fully enjoy our beach, pool, restaurant/bar. If there is a larger group then our dorm rooms can accommodate, then we are willing to book other rooms from the resort for that purpose as we have done that in the past.

We can also arrange “rebates” and special rates for groups who visit during our slower months. We always strive to get your group the lowest rate for the quality of rooms and resort we offer. However, you need to book as early as possible for your group so someone else doesn’t take a family room or dorm room that would make them unavailable for your week and therefore drive up your costs.

As far as food goes we wont let you be hungry. We can provide breakfast, lunch or a lunch pack and dinner to our groups. We can work together to create a menu, but don’t forget this is Belize so maybe we cant provide everything your heart desires 🙂

There is plenty activities at the resort to keep you busy. The beach is right on your doorstep and our big pool that is also right at the beach! You can just relax and do nothing! Or, if you decide to turn on you adventure button and go have some fun we have canoes and kayaks to go fishing, or snorkeling, bicycles if you want to ride around the village and visit other places along the peninsula, or just play volleyball at the beach.

If you would like to take your group to a bigger adventure we can help with that! On our Tours page you will see our partner travel agency and they have all kinds of tours. Snorkeling, Mayan ruins, Zip line tour, Barrier reef you name it they have it. From providing transport, food and beverages for the tour day and making sure everyone is safe and having fun! Talking from experience, they treated us like we were the only guests on their tours and there was a lot of people there.

Off course, after booking your group at our hotel we can talk about tours and if you are interested just tell us what adventure you would like to go and we will make sure to give you the most reasonable price for it.

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