Our Restaurant & Bar

Is Really a Guest Services Center

Our restaurant and bar are mostly here to serve our guests, however we do occasionally accept walk-in customers. We try to never say no to a hungry and thirsty traveler. Our guests are asked to inform us a day ahead if they are going to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, so our staff can prepare the meals especially for them. Since we are a family owned small resort, we try to be more economical and aware of our surroundings. Therefore, we tend not to waste food and make the meals fresh and only upon request. We are primarily here to serve our guest’s personal needs.

Over the years we have had several people who wanted to use our commercial kitchen and large dining room for a more conventional restaurant and bar. After all we can seat and serve up to 50 people at one time, as we do for our larger groups. So we certainly see the potential and possible benefits of such a venture but simply don’t want the responsibility ourselves. However, if you visit us and want to “take over the restaurant and bar” just e-mail Dr. Blair with your ideas.