Special Offers

Anyone who has been to Belize knows that the number of visitors varies greatly from month to month.  Also many of our guests like to plan their visits far, far in advance.   And of course, everyone wants MORE FOR LESS!!  However, we all get frustrated when different websites post different rates for the same room. Therefore, we want to assure you that you will always get the lowest rate by booking direct through this website.

We offer our specials by assuring you of the following “REBATES” given to you immediately upon checking in. These rebates can be used for food and drinks, tours or other activities to make your vacation special. Of course, you always have the option of simply taking the cash for the discounts listed below. Using this method we can keep our low rates available for all other websites and yet offer you “our direct bookers” an even lower net cost. Simply call Dr. Blair with any questions or concerns.

1. Summer Family Specials-Since 5 of our suites are two bedroom/2 bath suites and each sleep at least 6 people, we want to attract more families for summer vacations.  Therefore, book at least a week’s stay with us in June, July or August and we will rebate you up to 25% of your fee upon arrival. Then you can use those funds for food, tours, rentals or other items that will make your vacation most memorable.​

​2. Fall’s Falling Prices-Since September, October and the first two weeks of November are our slowest months, we are offering our lowest rates of the year for stays of a week or more during these months.  Take a full 40% off our already low rates through your rebates, if you can arrange your vacation during these months.  That’s right hotel rooms for less than $70/night and the highest suite (The Eagle’s Nest) for only $165/night.  Your rebate will be almost as much as your actual net cost! The weather is great, in the mid-80s, so why not come this time of the year and save more money.

3. Long term rentals – We have decided to offer some of our units on a six month or longer term basis, at greatly reduced rates.   For example, you can rent the Yellow Jack Family suite at only $1,500/month plus taxes and utilities.  YOU SAVE MORE THAN 70% OFF THE NIGHTLY RATE! Only certain units with kitchenettes and one or two bedrooms are available for such long term rentals but e-mail Dr. Blair at DrRogerBlair@yahoo.com for details or reservations.  This is great option for folks building in Belize or coming here for business opportunities or even those lucky enough to enjoy longer vacations.   The only limitation is that these months cannot include more than three of our busiest months, December through May.