Vacation Homes For Sale

Why Not Own A Piece Of Paradise

When they first arrived, the owners, Roger and Gail knew that the Nautical Inn was meant to be shared.   Their goal is to have ten equal owners from different locations, who love Belize but don’t necessarily want to live here exclusively.   Historically, theft during a month or longer absences has been a real problem for property owners in this area.   Most owners of homes must build an additional on-site caretaker home and pay for a full time security person.  Our owners have 24 hour, seven days/week on-site security, housekeeping and maintenance.  Since all owners have equal sharers of stock and ownership, there is no homeowner’s dues, we simply split actual monthly expenses, but this has never been over $500/month and is limited to that amount as a maximum.  This is far more reasonable than any other alternative.

Five years have been spent converting the old hotel rooms into a variety of units which vary in both design and square footage, as you can see on the accommodations’ pages.  The prices of the units vary primarily based on square footage and range from $220,000 to the Eagle’s Nest for $375,000.  Also one unit would be the restaurant & bar, commercial kitchen and conference room and another the dorm rooms and shop area, both for only $200,000.  However, each sale not only involves your individual unit, but 1/10 of the Nautical Inn, ltd.  stock, which owns the entire resort.  So you have equal ownership of the pool, dock, and all the other “common areas”.   There is a minimum down payment of 30%, but we will finance the balance over 5 years at the same interest rate we are paying our original seller (9%).   Other possible terms will certainly be considered.   When you are not here, Nautical Inn, ltd. will rent and look after your unit.  At current rental rates, if the unit rents about 10 days/month, the rental income would cover your monthly loan payment.  Simply refer family, friends and business associates, and your unit would be free.

We also have a special offer for the next two owners…..come and stay for up to a month, and if you make your purchase while here, 100% of your rental costs will be subtracted from your down payment.  While there are many ownership options available in the area, building here can be a painful adventure and is always slower and far more expensive than anticipated.  Why not own and occupy your fully furnished Belizian vacation home from day one with no negative surprises?  We would love to have you join us!